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Lotto Plus Raffle To Offer Extra €1 Million on 30th May

Lotto Plus Raffle To Offer Extra €1 Million on 30th May

Last Updated: Tuesday 7th July 2020, 12:45 pm

A special edition of the Lotto Plus Raffle will be held on Saturday 30th May, with an extra €1 million to be split between all the lucky winners. It is the first big event to be scheduled by the Irish National Lottery since the country entered lockdown.

The Lotto Plus Raffle takes place alongside every Lotto draw. You are entered into the draw if you add the Lotto Plus option to your ticket, upon which you will receive a four-digit raffle code. If the code on your ticket matches the winning code, you receive a guaranteed €500 in a regular draw.

In special draws such as the one this Saturday, an additional €1 million is put into the prize pot and is shared amongst all the winners.The exact value of the payout depends on the number of players who match the raffle number, but there are usually around 100 winners.

The last raffle of this kind happened on Saturday 14th March, giving players the chance to win big prizes in time for St Patrick’s Day the following week. There were 90 winners of the Lotto Plus Raffle, who all pocketed €11,611.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar addressed the nation on St Patrick’s Day and a full lockdown was implemented by 27th March, with all non-essential journeys banned due to the coronavirus crisis. Lottery draws have continued throughout the pandemic, but there have been a number of changes.

With restrictions now gradually being lifted across Ireland, Lotto fans can look forward to taking part in Saturday’s draw for the opportunity to win a larger raffle prize than normal. There is no extra cost to enter this special event.

When you add Lotto Plus to your ticket, your odds of winning a prize instantly improve significantly. As well as the raffle, you are also entered into Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2 draws. These games give your six Lotto numbers another two chances to pick up prizes. 

You can even win prizes on more than one game with the same set of numbers. The minimum play is two Lotto lines, and the odds of winning a prize when you combine Lotto and Lotto Plus are 1 in 10.

The Lotto jackpot currently stands at €3.5 million following a fourth consecutive rollover on Saturday night. See all the latest Lotto Results straight after every draw, and get ready for this weekend’s big raffle event.

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