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Limerick Man Wins Big On EuroMillions Plus With Lucky Numbers

Limerick Man Wins Big On EuroMillions Plus With Lucky Numbers

Last Updated: Wednesday 10th October 2018, 11:46 am

A man from Limerick has revealed how he had to play it cool in front of his colleagues after discovering that his lucky numbers had finally paid off. He won $500,000 in EuroMillions Plus on Friday 28th September and wanted to ‘scream the place down’ when he checked his ticket at work, but he decided not to tell anyone straight away apart from his family.

The lucky player came forward with his family on Tuesday to claim his gigantic prize. He revealed that he had bought his ticket from Moss Harnett’s Spar in Abbeyfeale three days before the draw took place, and he had played his own numbers: 11, 18, 22, 30 and 35.

“I’ve always used my own numbers, since the very beginning of the Lotto and EuroMillions,” said the winner, who has decided to keep his identity private. “They’ve been very good to me with small wins here and there but obviously I’ve never won anything as big as this. Thankfully we won’t have to worry too much about all this talk about the budget. We’ll be very sensible of course but we’re in a more comfortable position now.”

Speaking about the moment when he found out about his good fortune, the EuroMillions player said that one of his co-workers mentioned where the winning ticket was sold and that his ‘heart nearly stopped’ when he realised it could be him.

‘A nice kind of torture’

He recalled: “I kept completely calm and a few minutes later I had to find a quiet corner to check my ticket. That was it, I had the winning ticket, it was such a surreal feeling. I wanted to scream and shout the place down but I didn’t want anybody to know or to make a fuss. I had to spend the entire day at work in a haze, knowing that I’d won a half million quid but I couldn’t tell anybody. It was torture – a nice kind of torture, of course.”

The winner and his family have not yet drawn up their plans for what to do with the money, but they do want to have a bit of a party and will then make sure that a lot of it is kept aside to help their children as they grow up.

“This is literally a dream come true,” he said. “ It’s the perfect amount of money that just makes life that little bit easier. We’ll be meeting our bank manager during the week to pay off our mortgage which will be an amazing feeling. Other than that, we’ll obviously have a little gathering at home but the rest of the money will be put towards college funds and whatnot to give our young kids the best start in life.”

How EuroMillions Plus Works

EuroMillions Plus is a supplementary draw to the main EuroMillions game which is available to anyone who buys a ticket in Ireland. All you need to do is opt in to EuroMillions Plus for a small additional fee, and your main numbers will be entered into a separate draw.

The top prize may not be as large as the main EuroMillions jackpot, but the odds of winning are significantly better. You do not have to worry about splitting the money if there are other winners either. For instance, there were a total of four jackpot-winning tickets in the EuroMillions Plus draw on 28th September, but each lucky player received €500,000 rather than having to share it four ways.

The Limerick winner has promised to put his money to good use, and you could follow in his footsteps if you win a big prize this week. As well as EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus, there is Irish Lotto, Daily Million and Telly Bingo for you to choose from. Good luck!

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