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Kilkenny Family Claim €12.7 Million Irish Lotto Jackpot

Kilkenny Family Claim €12.7 Million Irish Lotto Jackpot

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 13:35 pm

One of the largest Irish Lotto jackpots of all time has finally been paid out more than two months after it was won, with a family syndicate from Kilkenny coming forward to collect the €12.7 million prize.

The family matched all six winning numbers in the draw on Wednesday 14th April, becoming the game’s biggest winners for four years. They quickly made contact with the National Lottery to begin the remote claims process, and have now received the money.

The head of the syndicate described it as a ‘life-changing’ moment and revealed that the group included lots of people who were at different stages of their lives. He said: “Some of them will be planning on paying off mortgages, putting deposits on houses, upgrading their cars or just paying off some bills.”

“Winning is incredible but it’s even more special when you win with your family and we are all in the same boat. Because there’s so many of us, none of us will be filthy rich but it makes us all comfortable and we’ll be able to make some nice changes to our lives.”

The lucky man purchased the syndicate’s winning ticket on the day of the draw at a Circle K filling station on Waterford Road on the outskirts of Kilkenny City.

However, when the winning numbers were announced he was left with a sickening feeling that the family might have missed out on the top prize, following an error he had made the previous week.

He explained: “That Wednesday was one of the most stressful nights of my life. I always play my lucky numbers on the Lotto play slip but the previous Saturday night, I made a mistake on it and selected 29 instead of 37.

“On the Wednesday, I watched the draw live and saw all of my numbers come out one after another. I should have been jumping around with joy but instead this horrible feeling of dread had me wondering if I had used the same incorrect play slip to play again.

“It took me an hour to pluck up the courage to even look at the ticket and once I confirmed the numbers for sure on RTÉ+1, it was officially celebration time.”

The Lotto jackpot has been won three more times since 14th April, most recently on 5th June. It is currency worth €3.5 million and you can get involved online or by popping in to your local Irish National Lottery retailer.

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