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Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 24th February 2016

Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 24th February 2016

Last Updated: Tuesday 7th July 2020, 12:45 pm

One Irish Lotto player landed €56,682 on Wednesday 24th February after matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, but the jackpot rolled over and will now go up to €7 million for the next draw on Saturday.

The winning numbers last night were 1, 15, 17, 34, 39 and 46 with Bonus Ball 12. There were over 30,000 ticket holders who won rewards, with the other prizes won spreading from a €3 scratchcard for matching two main numbers and the Bonus Ball up to €2,124 for matching five main numbers. Visit the Irish Lottery Results section for a full prize breakdown, plus details of the Irish Lotto Plus 1 and Irish Lotto Plus 2 draws. There were also 94 players who scooped €300 in the Lotto Plus Raffle after 4452 was announced as the winning number.

All Irish Lottery prize winners have 90 days to claim any reward they are due, and a man from Westmeath has come forward quickly this week after matching all six main numbers in Saturday’s Irish Lotto Plus 2 draw. He was also pleasantly surprised to discover that he would receive €250,000, having not realised that all prizes in this supplementary game are fixed. This means the prizes are not shared if there are multiple winners, as happened at the weekend, and instead each player will get the advertised amount.

The man, who has decided to stay anonymous, said in the Irish Mirror: “I’m delighted. I wouldn’t win an argument so this is great news. There was another Lotto Plus 2 winner on the night and we spent the whole weekend debating whether or not I’d have to share the prize. To have it confirmed that I’ll take home the lot is the icing on the cake.”

There will be another opportunity to win prizes in Irish Lotto, Irish Lotto Plus 1 and Irish Lotto Plus 2 on Saturday night, and you can either play online or by strolling down to an authorised retailer in Ireland. Best of luck!

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