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Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 18th May 2016

Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 18th May 2016

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 14:58 pm

There was no Irish Lotto jackpot winner in the draw on Wednesday 18th May, but more than 32,000 ticket holders received prizes on the night. The biggest payout was €1,094 for the 28 players who matched five main numbers and now all eyes turn to Saturday, when the jackpot is set to hit €5.5 million.

The winning Irish Lotto numbers were 4, 8, 12, 15, 25 and 40 with Bonus Ball 47 and other prizes ranged from a €3 scratchcard for the 9,357 ticket holders who matched two main numbers and the Bonus Ball to €249 for the 31 participants who matched four main numbers and the Bonus Ball. The full Irish Lotto prize breakdown is available at the Lottery Results page, along with results and prize information from Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and the Lotto Plus Raffle.

If you usually play Irish Lotto on a Wednesday and Saturday, why not increase your chances of winning a prize this weekend by adding Plus to your ticket for a small extra fee? Whilst playing Irish Lotto alone offers odds of 1 in 29 of receiving an award, joining in with Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and Lotto Plus Raffle brings that down to an even more tempting 1 in 14. In addition, if you don’t hit the €5.5 million jackpot in the main game, your numbers are given two more chances to scoop up to €500,000 and €250,000 in Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 respectively.

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