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Irish Lotto Plus Games Offer Extra Chances To Win Prizes

Irish Lotto Plus Games Offer Extra Chances To Win Prizes

Last Updated: Friday 6th April 2018, 15:53 pm

Lucky players from Cork and Tipperary have come forward to pick up separate prizes of €250,000 this week after winning the Irish Lotto Plus 2 jackpot, showing just how beneficial it can be to enter supplementary games when buying a ticket for the main game.

How to Play Lotto Plus Games

Irish Lotto Plus 1, Irish Lotto Plus 2 and the Irish Lotto Plus Raffle can all be played for a small additional fee when you enter the main Irish Lotto game, giving you extra chances to win great prizes. In Irish Lotto Plus 2, a new line of winning balls is drawn and the numbers you played in the main game will be entered again, with a top prize of €250,000.

Tipperary Syndicate

A syndicate from Tipperary managed to match all six main numbers in the Lotto Plus 2 draw on Saturday 31st March, having bought a Quick Pick ticket at the Centra Store in Stadavoher in Thurles.

One member of the syndicate said: “What a weekend. We found out on Saturday night and the celebrations have continued since. We just couldn’t relax knowing that we had a ticket worth a quarter of a million euros in the house so we had to come to Dublin as soon as possible to collect the cheque. It’s a fantastic amount of money to win as a group and we’ve already drawn up plans to share it with our families.”

Cork Winner

A player from Cork also visited Irish National Lottery offices in Dublin this week to claim their €250,000. They bought the winning ticket at Bandon Books in the Riverview Shopping Centre in Bandon on 17th March and celebrated a perfect St Patrick’s Day when their numbers came up.

The winner, who has decided to stay anonymous, said: “It’s definitely been a huge shock to the system and it’s taken us over two weeks just to get used to the fact that we’ve won such a large amount of money. We’ve had a lot of time to think about it so the money will be used wisely to pay off mortgages and bills and it will make us comfortable for many years to come, that’s for sure.”

TellyBingo Winner

TellyBingo is another Irish National Lottery game which has the potential to create big winners, and a grandmother from Galway has this week collected a prize worth €50,000. She bought a ticket for the game on 29th March at the Tesco Store on the Harbour Road in Ballinasloe, and ended up winning the Snowball prize.

“I’m a huge fan of TellyBingo and I very rarely ever miss a show," said the woman, who has opted to remain private. “Ironically, I was out of the house when my numbers came up and I only found out I had won when I asked my husband to check my ticket later that day!”

Next Draws

TellyBingo is played every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, while the Lotto Plus draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday alongside the main Irish Lotto game. The Irish Lotto jackpot is up to €3.5 million ahead of Saturday’s game, and you can pick up tickets from any authorised retailer or choose numbers online. Best of luck!

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