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Irish Lotto Jackpot Will Be Won on Saturday 15th January

Irish Lotto Jackpot Will Be Won on Saturday 15th January

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 15:39 pm

After more than six months without a winner, the unprecedented run of Irish Lotto rollovers will come to an end on Saturday 15th January. It has been announced that a ‘Will Be Won’ draw will take place, when the top prize is guaranteed to be paid out even if nobody matches all the main numbers.

How Will The Draw Work?

The draw will work as normal until the prizes are allocated, so you do not have to do anything different to enter. Make sure you get your tickets in on time and you will be in with a chance of winning.

If there is a ticket that matches all six numbers, the €19.06 million jackpot will go to that lucky player, or it will be split between winners if required.

If nobody matches all the numbers, the money will flow down to the highest prize tier where there is at least one winner. This could be the Match 5 + Bonus category, or possibly the Match 5 tier.

Why Must The Jackpot Be Won?

The jackpot reached its €19 million cap in late September, but still nobody matched all the numbers for another three months. The money that would have been added on top instead flowed down to the next category in which there were winners, creating bigger prizes than normal for many players who just missed out on the jackpot.

However, the extended wait for a winner prompted Irish Lottery bosses to seek approval for a rule change. The introduction of Must Be Won draws was proposed, and the availability of Advance Play had started to reduce in recent weeks in preparation for such a draw.

If there is a ‘flowdown’ on Saturday, the prize fund for the biggest winners will include the €19.06 million jackpot and any money that would usually go on top. It could therefore happen that players in the Match 5 + Bonus category share a prize worth more than €20 million.

Future Jackpot Rules

After Saturday’s jackpot has been won, the top prize will reset to its minimum value of €2 million. A permanent rule change will then be applied for when ‘Will Be Won’ draws are needed in future.

The new jackpot will be able to keep rolling over until it surpasses €19.06 million, making this the new cap. As soon as this happens, it will be locked in place and funds that would usually be added on top will instead flow down to the highest tier with winners.

However, the jackpot will not be able to stay at that cap indefinitely as had previously been the case. Instead, it will only remain capped for a maximum of five draws. In the fifth and final draw at the cap, a ‘Will Be Won’ draw will take place.

Saturday’s draw will mark the first time in history that an event of this kind will have been held in Irish Lotto,  with a big win guaranteed. Bet online or visit an authorised retailer in Ireland to take part.

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