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How to Win a Share of €1 Million in Lotto Plus Raffle on 24th October

How to Win a Share of €1 Million in Lotto Plus Raffle on 24th October

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 14:07 pm

An extra €1 million is guaranteed to be won on Saturday 24th October after the Irish National Lottery confirmed the date of the next special Lotto Plus Raffle. Dozens of players can expect to receive a share of the additional prize money, pocketing thousands of euros each. Find out more about how it will work.

Lotto Plus Raffle Prizes

The Lotto Plus Raffle is a supplementary game that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday evening alongside the main Irish Lotto draw. All you need to do to take part is select the ‘Plus’ option when you enter Lotto and pay an extra fee of €1 per line. You are then automatically put into all the Lotto Plus draws.

You receive a four-digit raffle number for each line that you play on Lotto. These numbers range from 0000 to 9999, so there are 10,000 different combinations. One winning code is selected at random when the draw is held, and in a standard draw everyone who has the same number wins €500 each. You have to match the number exactly to win, with each digit in the same position.

From time to time, though, special draws known as Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffles are scheduled when even more money is put into the prize fund. The extra €1 million is split between winners, boosting the payout significantly for all the lucky ticket holders. The best part is that the cost of entry remains the same as usual - you just have a chance to land a larger prize.

The exact prize can only be determined after the draw because it depends on the number of winners, but usually there are between 60 and 120 players who match the winning raffle code. You are also still guaranteed to receive the fixed €500 prize that you would normally get.

When the last Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffle took place on Saturday 30th May, 103 players won €10,209 each.

Boosting Your Odds

The odds of winning the raffle are 1 in 10,000 for each number that you have on your ticket. As the minimum play is two lines, your odds of winning are effectively 1 in 5,000. You also have the chance to win a prize on Lotto, Plus 1 or Plus 2.

The overall odds of winning a prize when Lotto and Lotto Plus are combined is 1 in 10, while you can boost your chances by entering more lines. One popular way to submit multiple entries is to form a syndicate, so the cost of tickets is shared between everyone in the group.

Whether you play in a syndicate or go it alone, choose your numbers in-store or online, you can look forward to this weekend’s big event for the opportunity to land a great prize. Check the Irish Lotto Results, including the all-important Lotto Plus Raffle, straight after the draw.

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