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How Irish Lotto Players Spend Their Winnings

How Irish Lotto Players Spend Their Winnings

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 13:20 pm

Ahead of an Irish Lotto draw on Saturday evening which will offer a fantastic jackpot of €7 million, a survey of big winners has offered an insight into the minds of lucky players and revealed their dream purchases.

Who Took Part In The Survey?

The survey was for Lotto winners from 2016 who picked up prizes of at least €100,000. Seven in ten of the winners were men aged at least 45.

How Did They Choose Their Numbers?

There was a split between how the winners selected their numbers, with 42.5% opting for a Quick Pick selection. Of the others, more than a third used their birthday dates.

Do Winners Keep Working?

The vast majority of players appear happy with their jobs, as only 5% of respondents said they would give up work.

The Best Thing About Winning?

Many of the winners were in agreement that financial security was the greatest part about winning, with 55% saying that simply not having to worry about money was the best thing.

Dream Purchases?

Almost half of winners (40%) would go for a new house as their first big purchase, while 27% said they would opt for a new car.

A Ferrari came out as the most popular dream car with a backing of 32%, ahead of a Mercedes (27.5%) and an Audi (15%).

A third of winners revealed that top of their domestic shopping list would be a walk-in wardrobe, while 25% voted for a hot tub and 15% would choose electric gates.

Another question asked who the winners would have to perform at a celebration party, and Garth Brooks (30%) just edged out Irish favourites U2 and Daniel O’Donnell (both 17.5%).

When’s The Next Chance To Win?

The next Irish Lotto draw will be held on Saturday night and offer a top prize of €7 million.

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