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Extra €1 Million in the Pot for Saturday’s Lotto Plus Raffle

Extra €1 Million in the Pot for Saturday’s Lotto Plus Raffle

Last Updated: Thursday 16th March 2023, 13:58 pm

Winners of the Lotto Plus Raffle on Saturday will receive a slice of €1 million, giving them a far larger prize than normal.

Everyone who matches the winning four-digit raffle code will still be paid the standard €500 payout, but they will also get a considerable bonus after it was decided to add €1 million to the prize pot.

The special draw comes a day after St Patrick’s Day and is sure to keep the celebrations going well beyond the weekend for the lucky ticket holders.

There are usually around 50 to 100 winners of the raffle, so the prize could be around €10,000 or more per player.

The odds of winning the raffle are 1 in 10,000 as this is how many four-digit combinations there are between 0000 and 9999. It is also possible to win a prize on the main Lotto game, or Plus 1 or Plus 2, on the same night as you win the raffle. Go to the Lotto Plus page for more information.

Lotto Jackpot Claimed

The €5.6 million Lotto jackpot from Saturday 25th February has been claimed by a family syndicate from Limerick.

The winners came forward earlier this week to collect their cash, having played together for nine years. It may have been set up ‘just for a bit of fun’’, but the money will allow them to clear off mortgages, upgrade cars and go on holidays of a lifetime.

A husband and wife in the family ran the syndicate and were first to discover the win. One of the members added: “A group WhatsApp call was organised and we were then all told the amazing news. We thought this was a joke and they were having us on! We were just in complete disbelief, and still were until we saw the physical cheque in front of us today.”

Lotto draws continue every Wednesday and Saturday night. View the latest results as soon as draws have been held.

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