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EuroMillions Plus Winner Waits Two Months Before Claiming €500,000 Jackpot

EuroMillions Plus Winner Waits Two Months Before Claiming €500,000 Jackpot

Last Updated: Tuesday 27th September 2022, 13:01 pm

A lottery lover from Co. Cavan is €500,000 richer after cashing in his winning EuroMillions Plus ticket almost two months after the draw had taken place. The lucky man landed the six-figure sum after matching all six numbers in the supplementary draw on Tuesday 25th April, but decided to take some time to appreciate his win before heading to National Lottery headquarters in Dublin.

The prosperous punter purchased his Quick Pick ticket from Applegreen N3 Cavan Service Station on the day of the draw. Upon collecting his reward, the man regaled lottery officials with the tale of how he had revisited the store from which he had bought the winning ticket: “A couple of days after the draw, I was back in the shop and the place was full of posters and balloons to celebrate the big win,” he said. "Straight away, I thought to myself that there’s a big chance this fuss is all for me.”

Having discovered that he was the winner of half a million Euros thanks to the Irish Lottery app on his phone, the fortuitous lottery fan felt as if his ‘life would be changed forever’. Whereas many people would have instantly given the game away, the man remained calm and collected as he headed home to process the news.

Finally, following a two month hiatus, the winner emerged, ultimately pleased with his pragmatic approach: "Instead of rushing out and celebrating the win like a mad man, I have made some modest life choices which will make my future more comfortable for many years to come,” he explained.

The man revealed that it had been rather stressful keeping his winning ticket safe, but went on to state that the the period between winning and collecting his prize had been "a real blessing". He continued: "I have also done a lot of research on charities which are close to my heart so I will be able to give back to those in the local community who need it most."

The mindful man wasn’t the only player to land a prize of €500,000. Wednesday’s Irish Lotto Plus 1 draw saw one lucky player correctly match the numbers 13, 19, 22, 25, 26 and 30 to win a sizeable supplementary prize. This is the first time since the draw on Saturday 17th June that the game’s jackpot has been won.

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