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County Louth Revealed As Ireland’s Luckiest Lotto County

County Louth Revealed As Ireland’s Luckiest Lotto County

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 13:45 pm

Louth, geographically the smallest county in Ireland, has been revealed as the luckiest area for Lotto players in new figures released by the National Lottery. A formula was used to find the luckiest counties when it comes to winning the Lotto jackpot, with County Louth, situated in the North-West, coming out on top.

76 Lotto Jackpot Winners in 30 Years

Population data from the 2016 Census was compared to the number of Lotto jackpot winners since the first draw 30 years ago. The Louth region, known as ‘The Wee County’, has had 76 Lotto jackpot winners over the past three decades, receiving over €89 million in prize money. That works out at 5.9 Lotto jackpot winners per 1,000 people, the most winners per head of any county.

Although the overall number of jackpot winners is dwarfed by the likes of Cork (173 winners) and Dublin (572 winners), those areas are much larger, with populations of over 500,000 and 1.3 million respectively. Donegal, located in the North-West, is a close second on the list, with 90 winners from a population of 159,192, resulting in 5.65 winners per 10,000 people. Mayo completes the top three Lotto counties, with 58 top prize recipients from a population of 130,507 people – a ratio of 4.44 wins per 10,000 people.

“Congratulations to the county and all its winners!”

Dermot Griffin, National Lottery CEO, said: “One of the most frequent questions we are asked is what is Ireland’s luckiest Lotto county? There has always been great rivalry amongst our players all over the country to claim this title.

"But it is important to note that chance has no memory and playing Lotto is purely a matter of luck. Whether it is in Tipperary, Laois, or Louth, in a shop or online from the comfort of your own home, you have the exact same chance of winning a prize.

“However, our Lotto players in Louth have punched above their weight for the last 30 years with considerably more Lotto millionaires per head of population. Congratulations to the county and all its winners!”

What Are The Ten Luckiest Counties?

The top ten counties based on the National Lottery data showing Lotto jackpot wins per 10,000 people are:

1. Louth – 5.90

2. Donegal – 5.65

3. Mayo – 4.44

4. Dublin – 4.25

5. Carlow – 3.86

6. Wicklow – 3.79

7. Cavan – 3.68

8. Westmeath – 3.60

9. Monaghan – 3.58

10. Galway – 3.57

You can enter the next Irish Lotto draw for an estimated €7.5 million on Wednesday 1st August by visiting an authorised ticket retailer in any county. Alternatively, you can pick your numbers online from various locations around the world by visiting our Tickets page.

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