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Could Using Irish Lotto Statistics Win You €2 Million Tonight?

Could Using Irish Lotto Statistics Win You €2 Million Tonight?

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 14:27 pm

Tonight’s Irish Lotto jackpot of €2 million is more than enough to allow you to change your life completely. You could live mortgage-free, take luxurious holidays and never have to worry about how you will pay off the credit card bill. The top prize has returned to its base amount after a Wexford player matched all six main numbers on Saturday night to scoop €7.9 million. If you would like to become the second big winner in a week, could relying on Irish Lotto statistics help you choose the correct numbers?

The most drawn number in the history of the game is 2, making 157 appearances in the winning line. It is closely followed by 12 and 38 on 156 and 155 times respectively, with 3, 10 and 39 completing the selection of the six most commonly-dispensed balls. These are referred to as ‘hot’ numbers and some players swear by choosing them for their lines.

However, if you think that it is more profitable to search out the numbers that are most overdue, the first digit on your Irish Lotto playslip should be 32, which hasn’t popped out of the machine for 66 days. The next five ‘cold’ numbers are 17, 11, 24, 47 and 12. You can find out more interesting facts about the game at the Irish Lotto Statistics page.

For those who don’t believe you can predict future winning lines by looking to the past, you can use the Irish Lotto Number Generator, which will create as many random lines as you would like to play, helping you avoid falling into popular patterns. Although any single line has as much chance as any other of being drawn, many ticket holders are known to play runs of consecutive numbers or multiples of the traditionally lucky number seven and, if these balls are drawn, anyone who matches them will potentially have to share their prize with more players, making the payouts smaller.

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