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Cork Family Wait Two Months To Claim €1 Million Lotto Prize

Cork Family Wait Two Months To Claim €1 Million Lotto Prize

Last Updated: Thursday 29th July 2021, 13:45 pm

A family from Cork discovered they had won the lottery when they cleared out one of their rooms over the Christmas period and found a ticket worth €1 million. They had been oblivious to their good fortune for almost two months and were ‘stunned into silence’ when it dawned on them that they had become millionaires.

The lucky family matched the winning numbers in the Lotto Plus 1 draw on Saturday 3rd November, having bought their ticket from the Centra store on Main Street in the town of Carrigtwohill.

They completely forgot about checking the results and only stumbled upon their ticket late last month, allowing them to enjoy a fantastic Christmas and then come forward to pick up their cheque.

“We had absolutely no idea that we had a Lotto ticket worth €1 million in the house for two months,” said the man of the family, who have decided to stay anonymous. “It was Christmas week and we were clearing out one of the rooms when we came across this Lotto ticket so we checked it on the National Lottery phone app to make sure there was nothing on it before we put it in the bin!

'A Wonderful Christmas'

“My wife and I were just sat there stunned into silence when we realised it was worth a million euro. It certainly made it a wonderful Christmas knowing that we would soon be millionaires once we collected the prize.”

The husband added: “We didn’t get a chance to claim the prize before Christmas but we’ve been walking around with the biggest smiles on our faces ever since we found out.”

Irish Lotto players only have 90 days from the date of a draw to claim any prizes they win, and this €1 million jackpot would have expired on 1st February. If the Cork family had come forward with the winning ticket after the deadline had passed, they would not have been paid the money. Go to the page on Unclaimed Prizes to see a list of major awards from the last 90 days that have still not been claimed.

Use the Irish Lotto Checker to see if you are due a prize, or take part in the next draw online to make sure you will automatically be paid if you win. The Irish Lotto jackpot currently stands at €4 million following five consecutive rollovers since 19th December, while the top prize in EuroMillions is also up to €35 million.  

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