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Be Part of the Next Irish Lotto Syndicate Success Story

Be Part of the Next Irish Lotto Syndicate Success Story

Last Updated: Wednesday 6th July 2016, 09:58 am

With tonight’s Irish Lotto jackpot estimated to be worth €3.5 million, what better way to capture this incredible prize than by playing as part of a syndicate. Winning a massive sum of money solo is all well and good, but imagine the added joy of sharing that feeling of elation with a group of friends, family or coworkers. 

It can’t have escaped many people’s attention that Friday’s EuroMillions draw was reportedly claimed by a group of bus drivers from Dublin. The lucky gang scooped a top prize of more than €23.8 million, proving that syndicates really do work. Wins aren’t just restricted to EuroMillions syndicates though, with Irish Lotto groups getting in on the action too. To date, the largest Irish Lotto prize to be claimed by a syndicate was a gigantic €18.9 million. The jackpot was won on the 28th of June 2008 by a 16-strong syndicate from Co Carlow who each pocketed over €1.18 million apiece.

Whether three of you from the office are joining in the fun or your book club of ten is buying tickets together, size isn’t the most important factor when playing lotteries in a group. In fact, the largest syndicate to play Irish Lotto consisted of 291 members. The vast legion saw one of their tickets collect €200,000, while 25 Match 5 prizes and 90 Match 4 tickets added a further €5,520 to their haul, which they won back in 2004. Granted, you may not want to play with so many people, but by pooling your money together and purchasing more tickets at no extra cost to each individual will see your chances of celebrating a mammoth jackpot increase exponentially. Could you be part of the Irish Lotto’s next syndicate success story?

How ever you choose to play, tickets for tonight’s Irish Lotto draw are available to buy online or from any authorised retailer throughout the Republic. Best of luck and keep those fingers crossed!

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