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How to Play Pick 3

Pick 3 is quick to enter and easy to play, and with three draws a day there are plenty of chances to win. Follow the steps outlined on this page to learn how to play. The winning Pick 3 numbers are drawn every day at 1:00pm, 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Remember that Pick 3 is only available online – you won’t find the game at a retailer.

Picking your numbers

Pick Your Numbers

Select three digits from 0 to 9. Consider the order you position your numbers in as for some play types you need to match each number in the correct place to win.

Confirming your play type

Confirm Your Play Type

You then have to pick which play type you want to bet on. The available options are: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Pair and Combo. You can find an explanation of each play type below.

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Picking your numbers

Choose Your Bet Amount

A key benefit of Pick 3 is that you have control over the size of your stake. You can choose to bet either €0.50 or €1 for most bets. The amount you bet will determine how much you can win.

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Decide How Many Draws to Enter

Select which draws to enter your bets into. You can place a wager on just the next draw or sign up for a subscription so that you are entered into every game for a set length of time.

Pay for your entries

Purchase Your Bets

Confirm your selections and purchase your bets. You will need an online account to take part and then you can just sit back and wait for the results to see if you are a winner.

How to Win

Your numbers need to match the winning numbers according to the type of bet you selected. For example, to win a Straight bet your numbers must match up with the winning numbers exactly, with each number in the same place. The available bet types are as follows:

The winning numbers can be any combination of three digits from 0 to 9. Each number is randomly selected from a different set so the same one can appear multiple times in a draw.

The amount you can win depends on your bet amount. Go to the main Pick 3 page to learn all about the available prizes.

If you win a prize, it will be paid straight into your online account and you will be alerted by email. Go to the Pick 3 FAQs page for the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the game.