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Irish National Lottery Results App Support

The Irish National Lottery Results App is simple to use but if you need any help setting the App up or using any of its features you can find support and step-by-step instructions on this page. This guide covers both the Android and iOS versions of the App.

Android Screenshots

App Screenshots

iOS Screenshots

App Screenshots

How to install and set up the App

You can update which lotteries appear in the App at any time through the Settings screen. If you want to enable or disable notifications after finishing the setup process you can do this through your device's settings.

How to view lottery results

The most recent lottery results will be displayed on the App's home screen each time you open it. The winning numbers for each game you selected during the App setup or through the Settings screen will be shown, in the order you chose to list them.

Depending on your device's screen size and how many lotteries you selected, you may need to swipe down the home screen to see all of the results.

How to use the number checker

Access the Number Checker by selecting the 'Checker' option from the App menu (tap the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen to open the menu).

To perform a Quick Check:

Add an entry to the Checker:

Once you've saved an entry you will be able to see it checked against the latest results on the main Checker screen. Tap the 'Full Check' button to check it against other recent draws.

How to generate random lottery numbers

How to update your App's settings

You can personalise the home screen and reset the App through the Settings screen, which you can access through the menu. To update which lotteries appear in the App:

Results for the selected lotteries will appear on the App's home screen and in features such as the Number Checker and Number Generator.

How to customise the App's notifications

The App includes a notification system that you can customise to provide just the alerts you want, when you want them. The Notifications screen can be accessed through the App menu.

A message on the main Notifications screen will show whether you've got notifications enabled. Notifications can be enabled or disabled in your device's settings.