Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto is a 6 from 45 lottery game which replaced the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes in 1988. There are two draws each week, and these take place every Wednesday and Saturday. The jackpot is always worth at least 2,000,000 and if the jackpot isn't won then it rolls over to the next draw a feature which has enabled previous jackpots to soar in value to more than 5 million.

Latest - Irish Lottery results

Irish Lotto More Irish Lotto Results »
Wed 17/12/2014
Jackpot: € 2,385,571 Rollover
4 14 25 27 31 37 44
More Information about this Irish Lotto Result (including Plus 1 & Plus 2)
Irish Lotto Plus 1
1 6 15 18 19 26 24
Irish Lotto Plus 2
1 11 18 26 31 45 36

EuroMillions Results More EuroMillions Results »
Fri 19th December
Jackpot: € 15,000,000
23 29 31 39 44 5 8
More Information about this Euro Millions Result (including Euro Millions Plus)
EuroMillions Plus
1 13 35 36 45

Daily Million Results More Daily Million Results »
Thu 18th December
Jackpot: €1,000,000
14 15 19 20 23 32 8
More Information about this Daily Million Result (including Daily Million Plus)
Daily Million Plus
8 21 22 24 26 37 34

How To Play Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto game can be played by anyone of legal age regardless of their geographical location. Players need to select 6 numbers from the range 1 to 45 and match all of those numbers to win the jackpot prize. The odds of doing this with a single entry are 1 in 8,145,060, and the Irish Lottery allows participants to play two entries (referred to as Panels) per ticket. That makes the Irish Lottery one of the easier lotteries in the world as far as winning a seven-figure jackpot is concerned, but of course a hefty amount of luck is still required to succeed.

Fortunately, the Irish Lottery game offers plenty of consolation prizes for players who are able to match a few of their numbers but not enough to land the jackpot itself. Every draw selects six main numbers and a seventh Bonus Number. The Bonus Number is irrelevant as far as the jackpot is concerned, but for other players it can help them to secure a better consolation prize. The complete schedule of prize levels (which are referred to as Divisions) and the prize amounts paid for each is as follows:

Prize Level Numbers Matched Winnings
Division 1 6 Main Numbers €2,000,000+
Division 2 5 Main Numbers + Bonus €25,000
Division 3 5 Main Numbers 8.17% of prize pool shared amongst winners
Division 4 4 Main Numbers + Bonus 2.54% of prize pool shared amongst winners
Division 5 4 Main Numbers 14.29% of prize pool shared amongst winners
Division 6 3 Main Numbers + Bonus 8.62% of prize pool shared amongst winners
Division 7 3 Main Numbers €5

Should more than one ticket match all six main numbers then the jackpot will be distributed equally between them, as is the case in most other national lottery games.

Quick Pick and Advance Play

Players who don't want to choose their own numbers for their Panels can enter randomly generated selections instead by taking advantage of a Quick Pick feature. Whether you use that feature or pick your own numbers, you can enter your selections for up to eight consecutive draws in advance, which is a great way of ensuring that you still have a chance to win the Irish Lottery jackpot even when you go on holiday.

Irish Lottery Betting

Betting on the Irish Lottery maybe a new concept to a lot of people but with a total of three draws (Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2) taking place each Wednesday and Saturday evening, there’s plenty of opportunity to win some extra cash. Each draw is made up from six balls plus a bonus ball drawn from numbers 1 to 45 and you can bet on matching just the one number to five numbers..

irish lotto bet Bet on the Irish Lottery

You can also select if you wish to bet on just the six main numbers drawn or include the bonus ball to increase your chances of winning. The only thing you have to be aware of is the change in odds when betting on the six main numbers or including the bonus ball. The draws take place live on RTE at 8pm and the betting stops 15 minutes prior to this time. All Irish lottery bets are settled on the official Irish Lottery results

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