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Irish Lotto Plus 1

Irish Lotto Plus 1 is one of two supplementary games played alongside Lotto on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The game offers a jackpot of €350,000 as well as several other cash prizes by conducting a separate draw in which a completely different set of six main numbers and a Bonus Ball are selected from a pool of 1 to 45. Lotto Plus prizes are fixed and the jackpot does not roll over to the next draw if no one wins in that tier.

Saturday 28th March 2015

Irish Lotto
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Wednesday 1st April 2015
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How to Play Lotto Plus 1

Players don't have to select additional numbers to play Lotto Plus 1 – the numbers they enter into the main Lotto draw are reused for both Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. Since a new draw is held for the game, it is entirely possible for a player to win a prize on Lotto Plus 1 after failing to win a main Lotto prize. They may even win prizes on both games if some of the same numbers are selected in the draws held.

Lotto Plus 1 Prizes

Numbers Matched Winnings*
6 Main Numbers €350,000
5 Main Numbers + Bonus €3,500
5 Main Numbers €350
4 Main Numbers + Bonus €35
4 Main Numbers €15
3 Main Numbers + Bonus €9
3 Main Numbers €3 Scratchcard

*Prize values may be readjusted in exceptional circumstances when the total prize payout for Lotto Plus 1 would exceed €2.1 million.

Lotto Plus 1 Tickets

Lotto Plus 1 is only available as a side game to the main Lotto draw and tickets cannot be purchased separately. When choosing to include the Lotto Plus 1 on their tickets, players will also receive an entry into the Lotto Plus 2 draw. Playing Lotto Plus comes at an additional cost of €0.50 per line.

Lotto Plus 1 History

Lotto Plus 1 was introduced in 2000 at an additional cost of IR£0.25 per line and offered a jackpot of IR£250,000. When Ireland completely adopted the Euro in 2002, all prizes were paid in the new currency and the Lotto Plus 1 jackpot was set at €300,000. At the same time, Lotto Plus 2 was introduced and the cost of playing both games increased to €0.50. In November 2006 the jackpot for Lotto Plus 1 was increased to €350,000, where it remains today.