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How to Spend the EuroMillions Jackpot

It is the dream of every EuroMillions ticket holder to win a life-changing jackpot, but how exactly would you spend such a vast fortune if you won? Here are some handy hints on how you could splash the cash.

€17 Million to €40 Million

There is no doubting that winning a jackpot worth between the base level of €17 million and €40 million would provide you with financial security for life, with enough money left over to invest in a number of millionaire essentials. First on the agenda for many big winners is a new place to call home and with a handsome eight-figure sum in the bank, your choice of pad would be far from limited. You could opt to live life to its fullest in a luxury apartment in the nation’s capital, a mere stone’s throw away from Dublin Bay, for just shy of €1.5 million, or kick back a little further down the road in Killiney in a stunning six bedroom house for €8.5 million.

In addition to a brand new home, you might also fancy a fabulous new motor, especially if your current set of wheels doesn’t quite match your flashy lifestyle. You be able to safely leave behind the likes of Ford, Opel and Renault and upgrade to something a little more sleek and sporty. With an overflowing bank account, you could afford to shop at Bentley, Lexus, Maserati and Porsche and still have change for a Rolls-Royce or two.

€40 Million to €90 Million

Winning a jackpot of between €40 and €90 million would allow you to kick the spending up another notch. You could purchase your very own countryside retreat in the form of a rural estate in Roundwood, Wicklow. The property, which boasts 5,000 acres of land and a private lake, is hidden deep in the Irish valleys and is on the market for €28 million. With so much land to tend to, you would need to hire an army of groundsmen to keep everything in order as you cruise around in a luxury 4x4, while an array of butlers and cooks tend to your culinary cravings.

If you wanted to escape your countryfied lifestyle, your winnings would allow you to pick up a number of properties abroad, allowing you to soak up the sun in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Whether you prefer mixing it up in Miami or a secluded island escape in the Seychelles, the world would be your oyster. You could even hit the finest casinos the world has to offer in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, or take in some of the finest landmarks around the globe, flying first class, of course!

€90 Million Plus

If you’re lucky enough to land yourself a jackpot worth over €90 million, nothing could stop you leading the life you've always dreamed of, allowing you to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Not only could you have a vast portfolio of properties around the world and a selection of sports cars that would make the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel green with envy, but you might also fancy owning your own private island or international company. In fact, you would be that rich, you could even buy a major stake in your favourite football team or organise a party in space once commercial flights commence.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your dreams into reality with EuroMillions today by choosing your numbers online.