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Daily Million Plus

Daily Million Plus is played alongside Daily Million, offering prizes of up to 500,000 twice a day. The game provides another chance to win with your numbers played in Daily Million and can only be played when you enter the main draw.

Daily Million Plus has been running since 11th September 2012 and was originally played once a day. Since April 2016, draws have been held at 2pm and 9pm every day of the week.

Latest Daily Million Plus Result

Wednesday 22nd January 2020


How to Play Daily Million Plus

Daily Million Plus costs an additional 0.50 per line and is played by ticking the box to opt in when you enter Daily Million. Your original Daily Million numbers are also played in Daily Million Plus, with a new set of six numbers and a Bonus Ball being drawn from a machine holding 39 balls.

The Daily Million Plus prizes and odds of winning are as follows:

Matched Prize Odds of Winning
6 Main Numbers 500,000 1 in 3,262,623
5 Main Numbers + Bonus 5,000 1 in 543,771
5 Main Numbers €250 1 in 16,993
4 Main Numbers + Bonus €50 1 in 6,797
4 Main Numbers €15 1 in 439
3 Main Numbers + Bonus €5 1 in 329
3 Main Numbers €2 Scratchcard 1 in 33

The odds of winning any Daily Million Plus prize are 1 in 28, although the odds of winning a prize on Daily Million and Daily Million Plus combined are 1 in 14.

All prizes are fixed, although unlike the other tiers, the jackpot is split if more than one player matches all six main numbers. In the unlikely event the total prize fund rises above 2.5 million, the fixed prizes are revised downwards.

See the Claiming Prizes page to find out how to receive your Daily Million Plus winnings.