Telly Bingo

Telly Bingo is an interactive bingo lottery game which is played much like a regular 75 ball bingo game, but here players participate from the comfort of their own homes and watch the numbers being drawn live on TV. The Telly Bingo television game show airs three times a week - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and each game offers six prize levels.

How to Play Telly Bingo

Players purchase a Telly Bingo ticket for the next game (no Advance Play option is available) and this will show a grid which has 24 randomly generated numbers on it. The middle number on the grid is marked as a free number, and that basically means that it is already marked for the purposes of winning.

When the Telly Bingo TV show airs, players sit down with their tickets and play along as numbers are drawn, marking any numbers on their ticket grid as appropriate. There are six ways to win in this game, as follows:

Corners 32 Numbers will be drawn at random and any player who matches the four corners of their grid using these 32 numbers will win a Corner prize, which has a minimum value of €5.

X Game 4 more numbers will be drawn. Players who manage to mark an X shape on their grid (which requires 8 numbers) from the 36 numbers that have been drawn win the X Game prize, which averages out at around €100.

Full House Numbers will continue to be drawn until at least one player has marked all of the numbers on their grid and thereby achieved a Full House. The prize for this is fixed at €10,000 and if there is more than one winner the prize is shared between them equally. When the Full House prize has been won the game has ended and no further numbers will be drawn.

Snowball If a player achieves a Full House using the first 45 numbers drawn then they will qualify for an extra €10,000 prize (or share thereof if there are several such winners). If no players achieve a Snowball win, €5,000 is added to the Snowball prize pool for the next game and the Snowball number (which starts at 45) is increased by 1. The Snowball prize therefore gets progressively bigger and easier to win.

Lucky Line If a player marks all of the numbers on a designated horizontal line on their grid they win a fixed €5 prize.

Phone Risk Card Number Game Each Telly Bingo ticket bears a unique six digit number. If this matches the six digit number that is randomly generated on the Telly Bingo TV show then they have until 9pm the next evening to make their claim. A valid claim then results in the winner participating in a Phone Risk game on the Telly Bingo TV show, which enables them to win a cash prize worth anything from €1,000 to €10,000.

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