Millionaire Raffle

The Irish Millionaire Raffle is offered approximately three times a year by the Irish Lottery, and has no connection to the Millionaire Raffle associated with the Euromillions. It is usually offered alongside the Irish Lottery to coincide with a special seasonal event, for example at Christmas or Easter.

The raffle always has a guaranteed top prize of €1 million, but otherwise has flexible prize tiers and prize amounts. Previously, prizes have ranged from €50 to €250,000 and been spread across as many as seven different winning tiers.

Also, the quantity of prizes on offer can change with each draw, with sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands of raffle prizes on offer. There are a limited number of tickets available for each draw, and the draws can sometimes be all made on one night, or spread across several weeks.

Regardless of the details however, one constant is that the Irish Lottery Millionaire Raffle will always offer one top prize of €1 million, as well as hundreds of other prizes too. Plus, with a limited amount of tickets available, chances of winning a prize of any size is good, so the Irish Millionaire Raffle is always something to look forward to.

The most recent Irish Millionaire Raffle draw was the Easter Millionaire Raffle which took place on Monday 21st April 2014. To find out the latest Irish Lottery Easter Millionaire Raffle Results click here.

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