Irish Lotto Plus 2

Irish Lotto Plus 2 is a lottery game which can only be played by those who play the Irish Lotto game. Draws are held on Wednesday and Saturday after the main Irish Lotto draw and the associated Lotto Plus 1 draw. The top prize in this game is €250,000 and there are six lower prize levels for those who miss out on the jackpot but match three or more of their numbers.

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How to Play Lotto Plus 2

Both the Lotto Plus 2 and Lotto Plus 1 games can be played for a single additional fee when you play the Irish Lotto game. Simply choose 6 numbers from the range 1 to 45 for the Irish Lotto and then mark the Lotto Plus option on your ticket to have those same numbers entered into the Lotto Plus draws.

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When the Lotto Plus 2 draw takes place, seven numbers will be selected at random. The first six are designated as main numbers and the seventh is a Bonus Number. The top prize is won by matching all six main numbers, and lesser prizes can be won by matching other numbers, as follows:

Prize Level Numbers Matched Winnings
Division 1 6 Main Numbers €250,000
Division 2 5 Main Numbers + Bonus €2,500
Division 3 5 Main Numbers €250
Division 4 4 Main Numbers + Bonus €25
Division 5 4 Main Numbers €10
Division 6 3 Main Numbers + Bonus €5
Division 7 3 Main Numbers €1 Scratchcard

As in the Lotto Plus 1 game, all Lotto Plus 2 prizes are fixed, so if you win the jackpot you will win €250,000 even if another ticket also wins the top prize.

Quick Pick and Advance Play

Should you choose to have your Irish Lotto numbers generated randomly via the Quick Pick feature then the resulting selections will also apply for Lotto Plus 2 purposes. If you want to enter the same numbers for several Lotto Plus 2 draws in advance then you can do so as long as you are also playing the Irish Lotto in advance for the same number of draws.

Most Recent Lotto Plus 2 results

Sat 20/12/2014
4 5 13 39 43 45 31
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