Irish Lotto Plus 1

Irish Lotto Plus 1 is one of two supplementary games that are only available to players of the main Irish Lotto game (the other supplementary game being Lotto Plus 2). There are two Lotto Plus 1 draws each week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the numbers entered into these draws will be the same as the numbers you enter for the Irish Lotto draw that takes place on the same day.

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Lotto Plus 1 gives everyone who plays the Irish Lotto an extra chance of winning a prize worth up to €350,000 for a modest additional fee. Lotto Plus 2 entry is also included in that additional fee. A separate fee is required for each of the two Panels on your Irish Lotto ticket, so if you want to enter the numbers for both Panels you will need to pay two fees.

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How to Play Lotto Plus 1

Playing Lotto Plus 1 is a simple matter of marking the Lotto Plus box which appears on Irish Lotto play slips. You will of course have selected your numbers for the Irish Lotto game already, and Lotto Plus 1 games have the same 6 from 45 format. Six main numbers plus one Bonus Number will be drawn and the more numbers you match, the more you can win. The complete Lotto Plus 1 prize schedule is as follows:

Prize Level Numbers Matched Winnings
Division 1 6 Main Numbers €350,000
Division 2 5 Main Numbers + Bonus €3,500
Division 3 5 Main Numbers €350
Division 4 4 Main Numbers + Bonus €35
Division 5 4 Main Numbers €15
Division 6 3 Main Numbers + Bonus €9
Division 7 3 Main Numbers €3 Scratchcard

The prizes detailed here are fixed, so even if more than one entry matches all six main numbers in the Lotto Plus 1 draw, each one would win the top prize of €350,000.

Quick Pick and Advance Play

If you use the Quick Pick feature to select numbers at random for the Irish Lotto game then those same numbers will be entered for the corresponding Lotto Plus 1 game. Similarly, if you enter your Irish Lotto numbers for several draws in advance using the Advance Play option then you can also choose to have those numbers entered into several Lotto Plus 1 draws in advance.

Most Recent Lotto Plus 1 results

Sat 20/12/2014
8 12 18 34 37 40 9
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