All or Nothing

All or Nothing is one of the most unusual lottery games you are ever likely to come across, because as well as winning the top prize of €500,000 by matching all of your selections, you can also win the top prize by matching none of your selections. Of course, several other prizes are also available, but having a jackpot payout for both extreme outcomes makes All or Nothing very special indeed.

How to Play All or Nothing

The All or Nothing game take place every day, so you are never far away from your next chance to win a fortune. To participate you need to select 12 numbers from the range 1 to 24, and you can either select your own numbers or you can use a Quick Pick feature to have an entry generated at random. Either way, your chances of winning the top prize, or any other prize for that matter, are exactly the same.

When the draw takes place, 12 numbers will be selected at random and if you match all or nothing you win the jackpot. All or Nothing has six prize tiers in all, and details of those are as follows:

Numbers Matched Prize Amount
12 Numbers €500,000
0 Numbers €500,000
11 Numbers €5,000
10 Numbers €25
9 Numbers €10
8 Numbers €4

The odds of matching all 12 numbers are 1 in 2,704,156, and of course the odds of matching no numbers are exactly the same because effectively you have to select all of the numbers that are not drawn.

Advance Play

Because the All or Nothing game is played on a daily basis, an Advance Play option which allows you to enter your numbers into several draws in advance can come in very handy. Note that if you use the Quick Pick feature to select your numbers, the same randomly generated entry will be entered for all draws for Advance Play purposes.

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There aren't many games we can think of which pay six figure prizes to lottery players who don't get any numbers correct, so All or Nothing really is a rare gem that you should definitely take a closer look at. Good luck, or win just as big by having no luck at all!

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